August 9-12, 2018

Plebe Parent Weekend

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The Naval Academy freshman class endures 14 hours of rigorous physical and mental challenges during the Academy’s annual Sea Trials training exercise as part of the culmination of their plebe (freshman) year. This event is NOT open to the public.

Sea Trials is modeled after the Marine Corps’ Crucible and the Navy’s Battle Stations recruit programs. It is a “capstone” event for the fourth class midshipmen (freshmen or “plebes”) and serves as a leadership challenge for the upper class. Sea Trials is led by Academy upper class and provides a final physical and mental challenge to the plebes, designed to test their teamwork and to reinforce their bonds as a company and class.

At the end of Sea Trials, the company of plebes who demonstrated the top unit performance through endurance and spirit during the entire course will be recognized with the “Iron Company” award during a brief presentation.

Sea Trials events take place at various locations throughout the Yard and Naval Support Activity Annapolis and include emergency re-supply, shore defense, Spartan relay, combat fitness test, military operations on urban terrain, damage control (pipe patching and fire hose handling), underwater events, aquatics challenges and endurance, water tactics, hill assault, two-mile regimental run, ground fight, stretcher relay, land navigation, survival skills, simulated bridge defense and demolition, paintball, endurance course, obstacle course, pugil stick jousting, riverine operations, rucksack run and casualty evacuation.

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First Class Summer

In the final summer, you get the chance to put your leadership skills to the test, both in the fleet and at the academy. For four to eight weeks, you join a Navy or Marine Corps operational unit, and this time your duties are those of a junior officer. Depending on your career interests and qualifications, you can choose a surface warship, submarine, aircraft carrier or aviation squadron. Those midshipmen interested in choosing the Marine Corps after graduation may attend a four-week officer candidate course in Quantico, VA, with a follow-on four-week tour attached to a Fleet Marine Force unit. Selected midshipmen may also participate in a four-week internship in a wide variety of disciplines.

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Third Class Summer

In the Summer between your plebe and third class years, you will go to sea for three weeks in Yard Patrol craft to various New England ports. Additionally, you will spend three weeks in either 44-foot Naval Academy sailing sloops or participating in naval tactical training, which include simulating SEAL and Marine Corps operations and receiving an indoctrination to the joint military arena.


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  Herndon Monument Climb


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Our organization is dedicated to the support of midshipmen, parents of midshipmen and graduates of the United States Naval Academy. Parents' clubs are a valuable source of guidance, encouragement and camaraderie for the parents of all midshipmen.

The purpose of this meeting is to honor you and your Midshipmen who will soon be commissioning and moving into the Fleet or Marine Corps.  First salute silver coins will be distributed.  

Here's to our future ensigns & 2nd lieutenants! 

Eight weeks of annual summer training introduces you to operational units of the Navy and Marine Corps, life at sea and the responsibilities of a junior officer.

Second Class Summer

During the summer before your second class year, you are introduced to every major branch of the Navy and Marine Corps. In one action-packed summer, you fly Navy aircraft in Pensacola, dive in a nuclear-powered submarine off the coast of Florida, and patrol, infiltrate and attack mock enemy positions in the forests of Virginia with the Marine Corps. You and your classmates will also report to Navy ships and submarines around the world for second class cruise, You become part of the crew for four weeks, taking part in drills, gunnery exercises and standing watches underway. This experience gives you first-hand knowledge of the daily routine of the Navy at sea. You also learn to appreciate the talents, responsibilities and perspectives of the enlisted men and women you will later lead as an officer.

Plebe Summer

This starts on Induction Day early in July. Areas of emphasis include military indoctrination, physical education, basic seamanship and sailing, small arms training, first aid and introduction to personal computers.

The Herndon Monument Climb is the traditional culmination of plebe year at the Naval Academy. Demonstrating the teamwork and perseverance they have learned during their first year at the academy, the plebes build a human pyramid to remove the “dixie cup” hat at the top of the vegetable shortening-covered monument and replace it with an upperclassman’s hat. After successfully completing the Herndon climb, the freshmen are no longer called plebes but “fourth class midshipmen.”


Throughout a midshipman's time at the Naval Academy, there will be many significant milestones that we celebrate. 

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commissioning week!

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